Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Evey Styles on Tumblr

Yep...I now have a Tumblr account, to go along with my Reverbnation and Myspace and Facebook and Youtube and Twitter and Stumbleupon and God-knows-what-else!


Each of these accounts are becoming little pockets in the internet which showcase my different facets, some under my real name...most under Evey Styles. Evey Styles, once a stage name for my music, has now become my online ME. Transformation is nearly complete. :)


Myspace and Reverbnation: focus is on Evey Styles the musician *only*. Myspace though, so outdated and nobody likes it. I barely go log onto it, and it hasn't been updated in years. I usually just use it as a portal to Reverbnation.

Facebook Page: focus shifts a bit from music to articles dealing with the music industry (or growing lack thereof). Most of my posts deal with the process I go through of making music.

YouTube: focus was supposed to be music videos (of my music), but most of the videos I upload are my cats. Fail. However, there is a wonderful list or 2 of music I absolutely love...and the odd video or 2 that I've had time to make.

Twitter: focus is mostly on me...little bits of my personal life along with little bits and pieces of music. I like to say Twitter is where I go when I've had a few too many and feel the need to say stupid shit anyway. :) Also, a little less restrained on a lot of topics, as I barely have any friends and NO family on there, as I do with Facebook. Like most people, I don't really care what I post on Twitter all that much.

Now for Tumblr: Focus is on the sensitive, artistic side of Evey. Haha...kinda, not really. I describe it as: *Dedicated to all things positive and beautiful in this world.* That's simply what it is...Evey Styles Spirit. Please take a moment to visit. :)

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