Monday, September 6, 2010

pretty songs

Now up for fee-based grabs:

pretty songs by Evey Styles
(Hey, look!  If you click on the picture, it takes you to the place you can download this from!  Neat.)

I made up a small CD back in 2006, simply titled 'pretty songs' (simply because they are just that), to give to friends and presumably family...although it never even got that far. It contained 12 tracks ranging from oddly ambient to a couple remixes. My plan back then was to get this shipped to CDBaby and sell it online. But I was on a music making kick and with every new song I made, I wanted it on the CD instead.  So that obviously didn't happen either. 

So one day while I was googling myself (and don't tell me you've never done that!), I came across a comment from someone somewhere in tha intrawebz that simply said, "Does anyone know where I can buy pretty songs?" They were referring to my CD, of course...something I was advertising on one of my sites somewhere when I was all gung-ho about it and never did anything about. I felt kinda bad that somebody, somewhere, wanted to buy this CD that didn't even exist...even in cyberspace.

Well, that got me thinking. There are a lot of 'fans' I have that have been around since my days. And yes, I put 'fans' in quote marks.  Not because I don't think of you as fans, but the thought of me having 'fans' is a little unnerving (If anyone can think of a better term that doesn't unnerve me, let me know....we'll talk).  Anyway, when became defunct, my 'fans' sort of scattered along with me, but a couple of them stalked and managed to find me again (you know who you are!).  The only thing that kinda kept me going was the knowledge that somewhere on the net people were looking for me. And as much as I'm not a big fan of stalking in most aspects, that's kinda cool to know (again, you know who you are and THANK YOU for loving my's all that kept me going for a while). I was still making music (some of it crap, IMO), but had nowhere to showcase it until 2005, when I got a Myspace page, which could only allow a certain amount of songs at a time back then. So most of these songs appeared on Myspace, but only for brief periods at a time only. And you couldn't download them anywhere.  Until now.

So, in an effort to try and fund my latest attempt at music-making:

 COMING 10/10/10!!1!

I thought I'd put something out. It's relatively low-priced, mostly because half the music on there is no longer available in any format on my computer other than 192 kbps mp3 (without me re-recording and remastering most of them, anyway), so the sound quality probably isn't the greatest even though I did try to make it the best possible. Also, I want you to buy it.  The sales of such can go into the production of real, actual, shiny CDs that you can touch and scratch up to your hearts' content, plus advertising for sales of such others, which in turn can buy me new equipment, etc. And why the hell wouldn't you?  If you really loved  But seriously, it's a good price and you'll feel awesome knowing that there will be a little bit of you in the next little bit of Evey that drips into your ears within the next decade or so. :)

With a total of 12 tracks and 2 bonus songs, we got a good thing goin'.  Only $5.99 to download all 14 tracks.  Yeah...this is like bargain bin at Walmart kind of pricing. If you don't want the whole thing, you can download the songs you like individually for $1 each but really, why do that when you can get everything for half the price and probably less the effort?

Oh, and in a silly little twist, I removed some of the songs off the original and added some different ones. Mostly because a few were a remixes and I don't have permission to sell them, and also because 4 years later I'm not too impressed with some of the tracks I had.  The timespan of all songs is 2000-2006.

Yet are all still just...pretty songs. :)

I plan on coming out later on with another album like this of my older tracks that I keep getting requests for (1997-2001) so as always...stay tuned.

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