Saturday, December 11, 2010

(Classic) Commander Tom - Are Am Eye (1995)

I've decided to start posting the electronic songs that I've grown up with and that had such an effect on my life that they have become both an Evey influence and an Evey classic. Oddly enough, the song I choose to start with is one I hadn't heard in at least 4 years now, and one I hadn't even thought about until just now. I immediately had to jump up and listen to it again.

I suddenly remembered this loud, unforgettable hard trance track from 1995 for absolutely NO reason at all, except maybe because it's 6:09am right now and I can't sleep. :) I wish I could remember where I first heard it...could have possibly even been my first rave in '97. All I know is that those crazzzy hoovers stuck with me and in my head since, because the first memory I do have of this track is hearing that breakdown somewhere else, remembering it from before, and saying, "Ohhhh....I f*cking LOVE this!" before going absolutely crazy dancing when it hit.

Hearing it now, it almost seems too sparse compared to the huge synths we have now. But it's still classic, and that's what matters.

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