Friday, December 3, 2010

There is nothing better than...

  • Early, early mornings on what promises to be a hot summer day
  • The smell of coffee when you first open the package
  • The sound of trees blowing around in the wind
  • Hearing a song so powerful it makes you want to cry
  • Snuggling up with the one you love every night, even if it's just your blanket and pillows
  • Fresh fruit, especially nectarines
  • Checking your bank account and realizing you have more money than you thought
  • Barbeques
  • Putting on a brand new pair of socks
  • The smell of spring
  • Drinking cold water fresh from a waterfall
  • Babies who stare at you...and then smile
  • The colour purple
  • Being surprised into laughter by something
  • Warm summer nights
  • Kittens and snuggly cats
  • The northern lights
  • Smelling a big bunch of lilacs
  • A nice cool shower when you're really hot
  • Driving in the country and singing at the top of your lungs
  • Clean sheets
  • The smell of sawdust
  • Remembering things like this

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