Sunday, December 19, 2010

Embrace (All I Know) (2010)

Hmm...what to say about this one? Well, click 'play', listen and read while you're listening:

First of all, I guess I need to explain/apologize. I was thinking I should call this the 'Fame-ish Mix' due to the last little keyboard tune at the end. If you didn't notice, it sounds a lot like the tune from the theme song for a certain fun little TV show that was popular in the 80s. Hey, it happened, I went with it, and don't know if anyone in copyright central is going to get on my ass about this or not...but anyway, this is the end result.

Other than that, I began this song about 4 months ago and almost nearly didn't post it because I was listening to it one night and it seemed to have a faint sexual undertone to it that I wasn't trying for (you'll understand when you listen to the lyrics). But it still embodies all that is ME. If I'm not working on music or listening to it, I love living/working/being in silence.

Many people I know who live alone like to turn their televisions on, or have some music for background noise. Not me. I can't stand the sound of a television going while I'm trying to concentrate on stuff. It's even more bothersome when I'm trying to visit somebody. Many a time I've been at a friend's house (or they've been to mine), just enjoying the conversation...the 'being' with that person...yet when there's a slight silence between us two, all of a sudden the other person wants to throw on some music or turn on the television to alleviate 'the silence' that just suddenly came up. Both of which I dislike immensely, because 'alleviating' the friendly silence between two human beings means introducing some noise and/or visual imagery that takes away from us just 'being' together, and talking one-on-one. You throw some music on, suddenly our conversation turns to music and then we tend to try and one-up each other in finding the best music. You turn the tv on, and eventually the both of us are going to get distracted by the noise and images and quit actually talking because we are both so focused on the television instead.

Why? Why are we as human beings so conditioned to think that if there is silence (especially shared between two people), it indicates that something is wrong? I find it they not like the idea of allowing another person to think? Are they afraid of having to think for themselves? I think the very fact that most people can't stand living and being in silence indicates that something is wrong.

Here are the lyrics:
I embrace the sound of silence.
It touches me from within.
Ever knowing, ever flowing, never changing, always growing,
It's in every place I've been.
It's all I know...

And it's all I need to know to let myself go...

Embrace the silence. We don't get it very often in this world, so enjoy it when you do, and make it when you can. You can't ever be afraid of silence.

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